Morrissey College 专业


Major Requirements

The 非洲人和非洲人散居研究 (AADS) major consists of a minimum of 31 credits, equivalent to at least 10 full-semester courses. AADS majors can have a second major as long as the student stays in compliance with the University’s regulation that, in order to earn a major, 学生必须在主修课程中获得至少27个学分,这些学分不能用于满足其他主修或辅修课程的要求.

Sample Courses

Where #BlackLivesMatter meets #MeToo
Festival, Carnival, and Masquerade
Black Church, Black Protest
历史 of Black Nationalism
Contemporary Race Theory
医学 和公共卫生 in the African Diaspora


The 非洲人和非洲人散居研究 Program considers the 历史, 文化, 非洲大陆上的非洲人和美国非洲后裔的政治.S.美国、加勒比海、南美洲、欧洲、亚洲和中东. Covering vast historical periods and geographies, AADS acquaints students with the multipli城市 and diversity of the African Diaspora and the world in which we all live. Using interdisciplinary and comparative approaches, 该项目采用了多种英语教学方法, 历史, 社会学, 哲学, 神学, 沟通, 和戏剧.



永利娱官网入口 is home to the Charles S. 和伊莎贝拉V. McMullen博物馆 of Art, a critically acclaimed gallery that hosts exhibitions, 教育项目, 音乐会, 讲座, 和更多的. Student and faculty have access to the McMullen's extensive collection that includes Gothic and Baroque tapestries, 十六世纪和十七世纪的意大利绘画, 以及十九世纪和二十世纪早期的美国绘画.


Art: Renaissance to Modern Times
Art and Myth in Ancient Greece
Introduction to 伊斯兰教ic Art and Architecture
American Icons: Nineteenth Century Images of National Identity
Chinese Visual 文化
Age of Rembrandt

In the 艺术历史 program students develop visual literacy and critical thinking capa城市 through their study of both Western and non-Western 文化s. 艺术史专业的学生获得了评估物证的能力, 研究发现这一证据的文化背景, 并对作品所引出的各种艺术解读进行批判性的评价. 该课程培养学生将所有历史时期的视觉制品的专业知识与其他形式的智力探索联系起来.

Fine 艺术 Sales Consultant, Renjeau Galleries Analyst, Barclay's Capital Promotions Assistant, WGBH “为美国而教”的团员 Graduate studies in 艺术历史 at New York University, 杜克大学, University of Pennsylvania, Case Western Reserve, 和索斯比艺术学院


生物化学 专业 take 文学-based advanced electives offered both in the 生物学 and the 化学 departments. 他们也有机会参与本科生的研究项目以获得学分, 在校外资助的生物或化学教员的实验室里. 他们的实验经常发表在一流的科学期刊上, 也可以作为荣誉课程的论文来发表.


Introduction to Genomics
Biological 化学
生物化学 I/II
Chemical 生物学: Structure and Function


生物化学 is an interdisciplinary major, 由生物系和化学系共同管理. The 生物化学 program provides students with a broad background in funda精神 concepts in both chemistry and biology with a focus on the chemical processes active within living organisms. This major is intended for those interested in the more chemical and molecular aspects of the life sciences.

研究 Assistant, UCLA Medical Systems Biogen Idec副科学家 德勤咨询公司的业务分析师 马萨诸塞州总医院临床研究助理 生物学、生物医学工程、医学、法律和药理学的研究生学习


学生 majoring in biology take Advanced Experience courses to engage in 数据分析 and develop critical thinking skills that are funda精神 to experi精神 science. These courses may be small group topical seminars or project-derived 研究 lab courses. 学生 also have opportunities to do 研究 in faculty laboratories providing them with exposure to the larger scientific community of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and 研究 professionals.

B.S., 生物学
B.A., 生物学


Introduction to 神经科学
Principles of Immunology
Viruses, Genes, and Evolution
Genomics and Personalized 医学

学生 enjoy a unique atmosphere in both the laboratory and the classroom that is defined by a mixture of academic rigor and personal relationships.  The faculty is committed to teaching and advising undergraduate students as well as advancing cutting-edge 研究. Courses are 设计ed to promote scientific literacy and a sophisticated understanding of complex 生物 systems.

马萨诸塞州总医院临床研究助理 研究 Data Specialist, Dana Farber Cancer Institute Laboratory Manager, Harvard Medical School Graduate studies in 生物学, 医学, 牙科, Biomedical 工程, 药店, 和公共卫生


The 化学 Department is committed to engaging undergraduate students in exciting, faculty-supervised 研究, as early as the spring of sophomore year.  The department offers diverse opportunities in scientific investigation within the areas of organic, 生物, 物理, or inorganic chemistry. Student 研究ers receive mentoring from faculty members, as well as opportunities to present and publish their work. B.C. 学生们已经做好了充分的准备去竞争许多著名的奖学金.


Honors Organic 化学
Advanced 方法s in 化学
Introduction to Computational 化学
Principles of Chemical 生物学


The 化学 Department at 永利娱官网入口 offers students a challenging, yet nurturing environment. 此外,通过讲座和实验课程获得坚实的化学基础, 本科生有机会与化学系的团队合作, as well in other disciplines, and conduct cutting edge 研究 in 现代, state-of-the-art facilities. 化学教员积极参与有机化学和有机金属化学的研究, 化学生物学和生物化学, 和物理, 纳米材料, 气氛, and theoretical chemistry.

诺华生物医学研究所的研究化学家 Analytical Chemist, Chemic Laboratories, Inc. Patent 法律助理,你.S. Fairsky, LLP) 业务 Development Coordinator, The CDM Group 化学、工程、医学、教育学、法医学和药剂学的研究生课程


Classical studies students have access to the department’s own library and seminar room in the new Stokes Hall humanities building. 除了系里和学校的资源, 古典研究课程充分利用了波士顿丰富多样的文化机构, 包括美术博物馆. 学生有机会在希腊或意大利学习, especially the Intercollegiate Center for 古典研究 in Rome and the College Year in 雅典 项目. 近年来,学生们有机会在夏天参加考古发掘活动.


Latin Love Elegy
Advanced Greek: Sophocles' Oedipus
Roman 历史
Classical Mythology
文化 of Athenian Democracy
Art and Archaeology of Homer and Troy


Major in 古典研究&-古典研究专业旨在掌握古希腊和/或拉丁语,并了解希腊和罗马历史, 文明, 和文化.

Minor in Ancient Civilization&-跨学科的辅修《澳门永利手机登录官网》侧重于艺术, 考古, 历史, 和古典世界的文化, without the requirement of 学习 Latin or Greek. It makes a good complement to majors such as 历史, 哲学, 神学, 政治科学, 和美术.

The art, 哲学, 古希腊和古罗马的历史是西方文化的基础. 古典学的学生阅读和分析希腊文和拉丁文的古代文本,学习古代世界的历史和文化. The 古典研究 department offers language and advanced reading courses in Latin and ancient Greek along with a range of courses on ancient 文化s. 古典研究专业主要研究古典语言, but courses are also offered in 英语, 让所有学生都能接触到古典研究课程, 不管他们之前的经历如何.

雅典 凯撒 城市 喜剧 戏剧 帝国 性别 文学 地中海 多元文化的 奥德赛 柏拉图 诗歌 政治 政治 宗教 性 斯巴达 剧院 悲剧 维吉尔 维吉尔 战争 女性 艺术历史 修辞 野蛮人 性 权力 财富
法律助理,你.S. 第二巡回上诉法院 Clinical 研究 Coordinator, MGH Psychiatry Department 买家, Graduate studies in Classics, 哲学, 和法律
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学生 majoring in 沟通 put the theory learned in the classroom to practical use in a variety of ways. 这个系有一个媒体实验室和强大的实习项目. Internship placements include major market media outlets, 印刷新闻, 非营利组织, advertising and public relations firms, hospital public affairs, government relations, 政治竞选和律师事务所. 对新闻感兴趣的学生可以选修辅修美国研究课程下的各种课程, 以及作为大学选修课开设的广告和公关课程.


Survey of Mass 沟通
Studio Television Production
全球ization and the Media
Gender Roles and 沟通
Race, 法律, and Media
Crisis 沟通


The ability to persuasively and coherently communicate ideas is among the most important skills sought by employers. 沟通, the third most popular major at 永利娱官网入口, specializes in the study, 批评, 研究, 并通过多种视角教学沟通原则. After receiving a foundation in 沟通 研究 and theory through a series of introductory courses, 学生们能够在人际交往等方面有所专长, media and cultural studies, 还有修辞和公众宣传.

客户经理 Manager, 沟通s Assistant Marketing Manager 业务分析师 法学院的学生


B.S. Environ精神 Geoscience
B.S. Geological Sciences


Exploring the Earth
Climate Change and Society
Earth Materials
Environ精神 Hydrology
Stratigraphy and Sedimentation
Introduction to Geophysics

The Department of 地球与环境科学 explores the way the Earth works and the processes that shape our evolving planet. 两个主要课程为学生在各种领域的职业生涯做准备, from environ精神 consulting and 研究, 法律, teaching and 业务. 研究 opportunities are available for students to work with our faculty studying the Earth’s complex systems and the interrelations among the solid earth, 的水圈, 生物圈, 和大气. 永利娱官网入口的学生学习成为地球上有科学素养的公民, well prepared to address the challenges and opportunities of maintaining a habitable planet for future generations.

Environ精神 consulting Geotechnical engineering Resource management 环境法律 Oil, Gas, Mining industry 政府和私人研究实验室
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经济学 majors can tailor their 经验 to best fit their skills and interests.  They can concentrate their electives on public policy issues, 数据分析, global finance and international trade, 宏观经济学, 业务, 或者这些主题的任何组合. Course offerings include: 健康 经济学, Development 经济学, 教育经济学, 环境经济与政策, 经济学 of Immigration, 公共财政, 体育经济学, Evolutionary 经济学, 市场设计, 法律和经济, 博弈理论, 国际贸易, International Finance, 预测, 金融经济学, Computational Investing, Industrial Organization, and Machine Learning, 等. 

专业 gain a solid preparation for graduate study in a variety of fields from 业务 to public policy, from data analytics 法律. 


历史 of Financial Crises
健康 经济学
Public Policy in an Aging Society
Environ精神 经济学
体育 Econometrics

经济学 is vital for making informed decisions in many areas of 现代 life, from healthcare to education, from sports to finance. The 经济学 major, now the most popular program of study at 永利娱官网入口, provides training in the economic theory essential for solving problems creatively and the statistical tools necessary for analyzing policy issues in today’s data rich environment. After taking a common set of required courses, 学生们从各种领域的选修课中进行选择, including money and banking, 国际贸易与金融, economic development, and industrial organization.

Associate Consultant, Bain and Company Target公司的业务分析师 劳工统计局的经济学家 Foreign Service Officer, U.S. 国务院 Investment Banking Analyst, JP Morgan Chase 经济学、数学、法律、医学、管理、公共政策和教育的研究生学习


学生 enrolled in the HCE program will develop a strong foundation in a wide range of engineering topics through the year-long Funda精神s of 工程 Studio course before determining an area of concentration based on their interests. As juniors and seniors, 学生将有机会在国际上扩展他们的经验, 要么通过他们的顶尖项目,要么通过与学院合作进行全球研究. 


Introduction to Human-Centered 工程 and Design
Human Factors in 工程 Design 
工程 for Sustainable Development 
工程基础工作室(包括线性系统理论模块, 动力学, 电路, Transport phenomena, 热力学, Mechatronics)
Data Science
Introduction to Machine Learning
Applications of Control Theory and Robotics 
Junior Collaborative Project Lab 
Senior Impact Project

The Human-Centered 工程 (HCE) program integrates BC's core liberal arts curriculum with courses in foundational and advanced engineering with an emphasis on societal responsibility. 通过基于项目的作业, 学生将被要求应用他们的工程知识解决与健康相关的复杂问题, 能源, 和环境.

Product Design Engineer in 健康care Sector 环境政策顾问 Engineer at Alternative Energy Startup Technical Analyst at Social Impact NGOs 工程专业研究生 高新技术领域项目经理


学生 can submit their work to a variety of campus publications, including Stylus, 永利娱官网入口’s literary magazine and The Heights, the biweekly independent student newspaper. The 英语 department also offers a number of annual prizes for outstanding prose, 诗歌, and essay writing, and partners with the Lowell Humanities Lecture Series to bring internationally renowned writers to campus for readings, colloquia, and guest workshops.


Digital Dubliners
The City in Literature and Film
Popular Fictions in the Americas
Jane Austen and Her Contemporaries
Writing Workshops (in three genres at three levels)
全球 英语es


Creative Writing Concentration - 学生 can focus their major on writing with a series of practice-based workshops, often led by currently published authors, that supplement their 文学 courses. 学生 in the concentration also attend monthly 社会 gatherings to read new work and share news about literary activity on campus.

新闻 Minor

The 新闻 minor at 永利娱官网入口 is an interdisciplinary program that brings the liberal arts into direct, ongoing conversation with the wider contemporary world. Open to undergraduates from all across the university, the program is 设计ed expressly as a minor in a liberal-arts setting, providing craft skills and a critical understanding of the 历史 and traditions of journalism to students in all majors and schools.

新闻 Minor

The 英语 major teaches critical thinking by exposing students to a wide range of expression in the literary traditions of the past and present. 英语专业学生获得了清晰、连贯的写作能力, to interpret and analyze texts and other cultural media, 认识文学和文化批评方法的多样性.

ABC新闻的制作助理 Reporter, The New York Times 道琼斯新闻社记者 博思艾伦咨询公司顾问 Writer, The New Yorker 《澳门永利手机登录官网》高级编辑
Environ精神 Studies


The Environ精神 Studies major and minor 项目 provide students with hands-on 研究 经验s that develop skills in project management, 数据分析, and presentation. Environ精神 Studies student 研究 projects address a wide range of topics including water conservation, renewable 能源, 能源 efficiency, carbon footprints, food waste, urban green spaces, biodiversity, environ精神 justice and human health.

Enrollment in the Environ精神 Studies major is limited, and is determined by competitive application at the end of freshman year. 

B.A. Environ精神 Studies (Interdisciplinary Major)


Environ精神 Systems: Climate Change
Environ精神 Systems: Quantitative 方法s
International Environ精神 Science and Policy
Sustainable Agri文化
U.S. Environ精神 历史
Environ精神 道德

The Environ精神 Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum to students interested in sustainability. 该专业是研究复杂生态的综合方法, 地质, 社会, and cultural systems that affect the environment. 学生 can concentrate their studies on themes such as food and water sustainability or climate change and adaptation, or focus on a certain discipline like 历史, 政治科学, 或社会学. 

可持续发展高级协调员 & Employee Engagement, SunGard 外展 & 康涅狄格环境保护基金会发展助理 Sustainability Analyst, FMC Corporation
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The 电影研究 department is home to the Jacques Salmanowitz Program for Moral Courage in Film, 哪个部门致力于鼓励有关道德勇气行为的电影的制作, providing role models for youth worldwide. The program provides consultation and funding for travel and production expenses to aspiring producers of documentary films and maintains an archive of past student films. 学生电影经常在一年一度的波士顿大学艺术节上放映.


Digital Non-Linear Editing
历史 of European Cinema
Adaptation: Fiction into Film
Cinema of the Greater Middle East
Maverick Hollywood 导演s

The 电影研究 major offers a broad-based education in the 历史 and theory of film in the United States and abroad, 以及电影制作和剪辑的具体技能,使学生能够制作自己的电影. 美国和世界电影的研究性研究探讨了电影对世界的影响, 不同的文化和历史时期塑造了这一媒介. 学生 are encouraged to widen and deepen their understanding of film through additional courses in 艺术历史, 工作室艺术, 剧院, 和沟通.

Film industry roles, including: Film Producer, 导演, 编辑器, 编剧, 人才的主持人, 和艺术总监 研究 Assistant, Federal Reserve Board “为美国而教”的团员, City Year 研究生学习教育、法律、神圣音乐和新闻学


学生 in the 德国的研究 department have a long record of success in earning 富布赖特的ships, a prestigious scholarship that offers a full stipend for a year of postgraduate study at a foreign university. 2014年,永利娱官网入口(永利娱官网入口)的9名富布赖特奖学金获得者中,有5人前往德国或奥地利. 2007年,德国研究系有13名富布赖特奖学金获得者.


Triumphs and Failings of Modern Man
German Composition and Conversation
音乐 and the Word: The German 音乐al Heritage
Knights, Castles, and Dragons
German 业务 and Trends in Europe


Minor in German&-其他专业的学生可以辅修德语进行深入的语言学习. 该辅修课程鼓励学生关注国际事务并有出国学习的机会.

Minor in 德国的研究&-辅修德语研究与辅修德语的不同之处在于它提供了一种跨学科的方法来研究德国的语言和文化, 奥地利, 和瑞士.

The faculty and staff in the 德国的研究 Department are always thrilled to meet new students who speak German, 同样热情地问候那些刚开始学习这门语言的人. 所有德语水平的一年级学生都可以开始学习, 或继续, 在永利娱官网入口学习德语, can study abroad in a German-speaking country, 毕业时可以获得一个多才多艺的德语和德语研究学位.

德国的研究 students receive a comprehensive education in the language, 文化, 业务, and 历史 of Germany from the Middle Ages to the present, 与教授的个人接触, individualized mentoring, and internship opportunities. 通过Stammtisch(每周谈话时间)和德国俱乐部, 这个系鼓励学生在课外讲德语. 永利娱官网入口提供德国和奥地利留学项目(初期), intermediate and advanced students of German proficiency), 以及为卡罗尔管理学院学生量身定制的课程.

Financial Management Analyst, Bank of America 格尔森-莱尔曼集团合伙人 Paralegal, Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton and Garrison Teacher, Boston Latin School LEK咨询公司助理顾问 富布赖特的, Institute of International 教育


Boston, 在其发展的各个阶段,哪一个城市被称为“山上的城市”,” “the cradle of liberty,” “the 雅典 of America,” and “the most Catholic 城市 in America,是一个历史遗迹和历史协会的仙境.  But not only is it a place for sightseeing, 这也是一个边做边学的地方, 通过在各种组织的实习,致力于将过去的事情保留到现在.


Asia Pacific War
奥德赛s in the Western and 伊斯兰教ic Traditions
信贷联系:英国经济的秘密历史, 1600s–1900s Multiculturalism in the Roman Empire
Celluloid Salvation: Redemption in American 历史 and Film
The Plains Indians
The War on Terror


Fifth-Year B.A./M.A. Program&三年级学生可以申请第5年获得历史文学硕士学位.

The 历史 Major at 永利娱官网入口 not only acquaints our students with a past that helps illuminate the present, but also equips them with the 研究 methods, 分析工具, 以及为将来从事各种职业做准备的写作技能. &永利娱官网入口提供多样化的课程, sometimes chronological, 有时局部, but always challenging, 为永利娱官网入口的专业提供多元文化视角,这对在日益复杂和相互关联的当代世界中前进至关重要. 

Museum Administration Equities Traders/Wall Street 法律yers (in private practice and in public agencies, e.g., US Department of Labor) U.S. 国务院, CIA, FBI, and Secret Service National news organizations Teachers at all levels of educational institutions 政府 新闻
Interdisciplinary Programs

An interdisciplinary program offers undergraduate students an integrated framework of study that encompasses related disciplines.

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International Studies


The interdisciplinary nature of International Studies provides comprehensive familiarity with how different disciplines approach a given set of questions, while also developing depth of knowledge in specific fields, including methodological techniques of those fields. With department support, students frequently pursue internships and study abroad opportunities to enrich their academic 经验s. Sixty percent of students will study abroad, 他们通常会选择全部的母语课程,以获得真正的浸入式体验.


道德, Religion, and International Politics
International Environ精神 Science and Policy
全球ization and the Media
International Economic Relations
International 法律

International Studies offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that teaches students to understand the international elements of complex problems facing society today. 该专业包括一套广泛的核心要求和一个学生集中学习的学科基础:经济学, 政治科学, 道德 and international 社会 justice, or global cultural studies. Enrollment in the International Studies major is limited; students can apply after their first year at 永利娱官网入口.

查尔斯河协会顾问 Analyst, Deutsche Bank Corporate Risk Solutions Analyst, Royal Bank of Scotland FBI, Intelligence Analyst Financial Management Program, GE 健康care 芬兰美国商会项目分析师
公元前:学校/ mca / program-browser /搜索标签/国际研究


Al-Noor, 永利娱官网入口的本科生中东和伊斯兰研究杂志, aims to promote a discourse about the diverse 的意见s, 无数的文化, 历史, and perspectives that comprise the Middle East. Published twice a year, Al-Noor&全由学生经营,为学生研究提供论坛, 的意见, 还有关于中东的摄影.


伊斯兰教 and Liberal Democracy
Rise and Rule of 伊斯兰教ic States
Art of the Silk Road
Encountering the Quran
历史 of Modern Iran
音乐 and 文化 in the Middle East

The interdisciplinary nature of the 伊斯兰文明与社会 program allows students to gain an appreciation for the complexities and nuances of the 伊斯兰教ic world through coursework in 政治科学, 历史, fine arts and 神学, 等. 学生将精通阿拉伯语或与伊斯兰世界有关的另一种语言. 伊斯兰文明与社会专业每年招收15名学生. 学生可以在第二学年的秋季学期申请永利娱官网入口.

Political Affairs Officer for Egypt, U.S. 国务院 富布莱特研究学者,约旦 CNN记者, Middle East Analyst, U.S. Department of Defense Peace Corps Youth Development Volunteer, Jordan 沟通s Coordinator, Brookings Institution - Doha


In addition to courses on various theoretical aspects of 语言学, 学生们使用的数据既有当前罕见的语言,也有“死亡”的语言. The program encourages the acquisition of working abilities in languages from the rich offerings at 永利娱官网入口 as well as from study abroad or summer linguistics institutes.


Syntax and Semantics
Old Irish
Language in Society
The Language of Liturgy
Language and Ethni城市

The program in 语言学, housed in the Department of Slavic and Eastern Languages & Literatures, 永利娱官网入口来看看是什么让语言发挥作用, what makes them the same, 是什么让他们与众不同. 在教师的密切指导下,学生建立了一个适合个人重点和目标的课程. 语言学家不只是学习语言,更重要的是,学习如何分析语言. 典型的研究领域包括语言学(语言的历史和结构研究)。, 心理语言学, and language acquisition.

西班牙教育部北美语言和文化助理 软件工程师,律商联讯 Language Analyst, Google 富布赖特研究员,计算语言学和语音识别研究 语言学,言语病理学,法律和教育的研究生学习


The 数学 Department at 永利娱官网入口 is home to an ongoing conversation on the latest concepts and theories in 数学. 永利娱官网入口和麻省理工学院联合举办了一场联合数论研讨会, featuring important advances in 现代 number theory. 该部门还举办了一个正在进行的几何/拓扑研讨会, a Distinguished Lecturer in 数学 Series, and a 数学 教育 Colloquium.


Introduction to Abstract Algebra
Introduction to Number Theory
Mathematical Programming
Euclid's Elements


Bachelor of Science (B.S.)&-这是为了给学生一个严谨和彻底的数学经验, 一种包括与另一个学术领域的联系,其中数学是一个重要的工具. 特别是, 这个项目强烈推荐给那些希望攻读数学研究生的人.

Bachelor of 艺术 (B.A.) - The B.A. program is 设计ed to provide a solid foundation in the main areas of 数学 and mathematical applications. 本课程为精算专业的职业生涯做准备, applied areas of government and industry, 和教育.

Minor in 数学&辅修数学可以让其他专业的学生增强他们的量化和推理能力.

Scientific Computing Minor - This interdisciplinary minor emphasizes the methodologies that have been developed for empirical 研究, 强调跨学科的研究方法,比如自然科学, 经济学, 数学, 和金融.

The complexities of our computerized, 全球化的世界使人们深刻认识到数学的重要性,涉及的领域广泛. 学生 in the 数学 department will receive a thorough education in mathematical concepts and applications, preparing them for graduate study in many disciplines, as well for professions where math is applied, 如金融, 经济学, the natural sciences, 和教育. 数学 students have access to year-round tutoring as well as academic advising within the department.

Actuarial Associate, Fidelity Investments 研究 Associate, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Quantitative 研究 Associate, Cambridge Associates 史诗系统公司的报告工程师 产品管理发展计划,利伯缇互助保险公司 “为美国而教”的团员, World Teach


The 音乐 department along with the Bands Program and 学生事务 gives students the chance to perform in a wide variety of ensembles, from large groups—like the Symphony Orchestra, 大学合唱团, 大学管乐团或伊玛尼福音唱诗班到小型团体如室内乐协会, 歌剧 & 音乐 Theater Workshop, 长笛合奏, 流行风格的合奏, or a variety of student-run a cappella groups.


Funda精神s of 音乐 Theory
Jazz Harmony and Arranging
Medieval and Renaissance 音乐
音乐 and 文化 in the Middle East
音乐 and America

Beethoven, 甲壳虫乐队, 歌剧, 爵士乐, 爱尔兰民间音乐, 中东音乐——音乐系提供广泛的基础教育,有机会专攻作曲领域, 性能, 音乐的历史, and cultural studies. &该系的文科框架帮助学生从这些广阔的视角理解音乐,同时为他们继续写作做准备, 性能, scholarship or simply personal appreciation. 本系为各种技能水平的学生提供声乐和乐器课程, and provides opportunities for students to perform in any of 永利娱官网入口’s many vocal and instru精神 ensembles.

Band 导演, Dedham, MA 音响设计,东方音响工程 南太平洋百老汇音乐厅管弦乐队 Graduate studies in Composition, New England Conservatory Graduate studies in Performance, Carnegie Mellon University


Dianoia is the undergraduate 哲学 journal of 永利娱官网入口. 成立于2011年, 这完全是学生经营的杂志寻求发表深思熟虑, 原始, 以及任何哲学观点或主题的创造性论文风格. Recent editions have included essays such as “Banksy: Dissident Artist”; “Beyond Chiroptophobia: Capital Vision in Batman Begins”; and “Dostoevsky on Human Freedom: Responding to the Gift of Freedom in Modern Society.”


Perspectives on Western Civilization
哲学 of Science
哲学 of Imagination
Classical and Contemporary
Asian 哲学
Philosophies of Dissent


Major in 哲学&-与哲学的观点相一致,哲学是一种使一个人的教育多样化的方式,为各种职业生涯做准备, 哲学专业允许学生选择不同的方向,而不是一刀切的学习方法. 每个哲学专业的学生都有一名来自系内的指导老师,帮助他们构建一个严谨连贯的专业. 对哲学研究生工作感兴趣的学生要选修很多古代的选修课, 中世纪的, 现代, and contemporary 哲学. The 导演 of Undergraduate Studies organizes a program of advisement including annual workshops devoted to evaluation of various graduate 项目 and preparation of graduate applications. Our best students are regularly accepted into first-rate Ph.D. 项目.

Minor in 哲学 – The minor in 哲学 gives students several thematic options corresponding to the traditional divisions of philosophical inquiry: ethical and 政治 哲学, 美学, 哲学 of 宗教, and the 历史 and 哲学 of science.

Fifth-Year B.A./M.A. Program&精选的大三学生可以申请第5年获得哲学硕士学位.

The 哲学 department offers a balanced program of courses regarding the 历史 and problems of 哲学 in areas such as continental European 哲学, 中世纪的 哲学, 社会与政治哲学, 以及科学的哲学. 哲学专业的学生可以选择几个专业中的一个, including systematic 哲学; science, 道德, and humanity; 哲学 and 宗教; international studies/public policy; 经济学/justice; 哲学 and the arts; or the Perspectives interdisciplinary track.

Sustainability; Employee Engagement Coordinator, SunGard Academic Administrator, Dana Farber Cancer Institute 副媒体策划,Digitas Partners In Learning Manager, Microsoft Program Coordinator, Children’s Hospital Boston 哲学、神学、伦理学、法律和生物技术的研究生学习


The 物理 department guarantees that 100 percent of undergraduates that seek a 研究 position will get one. 本系目前的研究兴趣包括强相关电子的物理学, 电磁超材料, novel photovoltaic materials, 以及纳米结构中的热传递.


Introduction to 物理
Electri城市 and Magnetism
Quantum 物理
The 物理 of Conventional and Alternative Energy

学生 who study physics at 永利娱官网入口 receive rigorous preparation in the basic aspects of physics through a combination of class work, 实验室课程, 独立研究项目, 和课外活动. 物理专业的学生被教导理解和阐明当前的突出的物理研究问题, structure and implement independent inquiry, 并以科学恰当的方式传播研究成果. A four-to-one student-to-faculty ratio ensures that students will have access to professors for mentorship and guidance.

Client Services, Algorithmic Trading Management Consultant, Exeter Group Apprentice Soft战争e Developer, BitFountain Eze软件集团QA分析师 高盛集团财务顾问 物理、应用数学、工程、法律和教育的研究生学习


The Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy routinely hosts world-class experts in 政治科学 for 讲座 and symposia. 该中心为有兴趣从事宪政民主研究的本科生提供初级研究员项目, 此外,还有一项公民实习津贴,用于补贴公共和非营利部门的无薪工作.


The American Presidency
How to Rule the World
Rights in Conflict
Comparative Politics and Development
Politics and Institutions of International 经济学

学生 will learn about the most important methods and works of 政治 inquiry, 理解社会科学如何处理政治的理论和实践, 并分析国家之间的经济和政治关系. 学生 receive introductory instruction in the funda精神 concepts of 政治科学 before taking elective courses in four subfields: American 政治, comparative 政治, international 政治, and 政治 theory. 获得政治学学位为从事政治工作打下了坚实的基础, 公共服务, and many other fields, 以及进一步的研究生学习.

Associate Consultant, Bain and Company 立法的助手,你.S. 国会 研究助理,Eduventures称 Commercial 领导 Program, General Electric 社区大使,联合慈善会 政治科学,法律,国际关系,教育和公共政策的研究生学习
公元前:学校/ mca / program-browser /搜索标签/ politica-science


学生 become integrated into the department in many ways: participating in independent 研究, clinical internships, and senior theses; partaking in depart精神 colloquia and workshops; contributing to outreach events; and showcasing their knowledge at the 心理学 Undergraduate 研究 Conference.


Language Acquisition and Development
Mind and Brain
Neurobiology of Eating and Eating Disorders
心理学 of Morality


Bachelor of 艺术 心理学 (B.A.)
Bachelor of Science 心理学 (B.S.)
Bachelor of Science 神经科学 (B.S.) 
(Can be declared after September 1, 2019.)

Clinical 心理学 concentration - The Clinical 心理学 concentration is 设计ed for 心理学 B.A. or 心理学 B.S. majors with a particular interest in careers in clinical or counseling psychology or clinical 社会 work.

Fifth Year B.A.-B.S./M.A. program - Selected juniors may have the opportunity to apply for a fifth year to earn a Master of 艺术 in 心理学.

The 心理学 department offers majors that encourage intellectual growth, foster critical thinking and scientific literacy, and enable a deeper understanding of the human condition. 每个学位选项都旨在向学生介绍该领域的广泛主题, 同时也让学生有机会专攻他们特别感兴趣的领域. 所有的选项都允许学生在永利娱官网入口的一个或多个心理学或神经科学实验室获得研究经验.

学习 内存 神经科学 焦虑 抑郁症 精神病 精神病学 精神 clinical psychology 情感 道德 情感 个性 行为 大脑 心 认知
分析师,贝莱德 马萨诸塞州总医院临床研究助理 研究 Coordinator, Cambridge 健康 Alliance Residential Counselor, Vinfen Corporation Sales Representative, Oracle 心理学研究生课程, 神经科学, 医学, Occupational Therapy, 法律, 教育, 业务, 和社会工作


The undergraduate majors and minors in RLL are 设计ed to help students attain a broad interdisciplinary insight into the 文学 和文化 of other nations, while achieving a high linguistic proficiency in one or more Romance languages. 学生 can major or minor in French, Hispanic Studies, or Italian and courses range from elementary language to advanced seminars in languages, 文学s, 和文化s. The major offers solid preparation and guidance for students interested in teaching or in graduate studies, as well as in fields such as law, medicine, interpreting, and international 业务 (see our Language Careers page). The minors serve as a useful adjunct to a wide range of academic specializations.


Eighteenth Century French Novel
The French New Wave
Immigrant Voices in Contemporary 意大利
Michelangelo and His World
The Colonial Immigration: 历史 and Identity in 西班牙语 America
Contemporary Latin American Writers


Bachelor of 艺术 (B.A.) or Minor in French 

Bachelor of 艺术 (B.A.) or Minor in Hispanic Studies

Bachelor of 艺术 (B.A.) or Minor in Italian 

Master of 艺术 (M.A.) in French

Master of 艺术 (M.A.) in Italian

Master of 艺术 (M.A.) in Hispanic Studies

The 浪漫语言与文学 department offers an immersive language and cultural 经验 in French, 西班牙语, 和意大利. 学生 achieve a high linguistic proficiency and a deep insight into the 文学 和文化 of global nations. 课程从初级到专家级都有, 而且大多数课程——包括文学和理论课——都是用目标语言进行的. 罗曼斯语言的学生有很多机会在法国永利娱官网入口合作的18所学校学习, 意大利, 和西班牙.

AdWords Associate, Google 全球 Online Advertising Team 富布赖特的, Institute of International 教育 法国政府教学助理 德勤咨询公司的业务分析师 摩根大通的财务分析师 高中/预科学校的法语、意大利语和西班牙语教师
公元前:学校/ mca / program-browser /搜索标签/罗曼斯语
俄罗斯 & 斯拉夫语研究


The highly cosmopolitan Department of Slavic and Eastern Languages & Literatures also offers courses in languages not offered anywhere else in the University, including Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Persian, and Turkish. The department also participates in a number of study abroad 项目 in China, Israel, Japan, Korea, Morocco, Nepal, Philippines, Poland, and Russia, as well as the International Summer Seminar for Bulgarian Studies in Veliko Turnovo, which is tuition-free for Bulgarian–language students.


Early Slavic 语言学 and Texts
Introduction to and Continuing Bulgarian
Post Soviet 俄罗斯 Literature
Tolstoy and Dostoevsky
俄罗斯 Literature of the Fantastic
The Avant-Garde, the Silver Age, and Modernism in Russia
俄罗斯 Cinema


Bachelor of 艺术 (B.A.) and minor in 俄罗斯 - 俄罗斯 majors and minors can take courses in grammar and composition, 文学, and linguistics.

Bachelor of 艺术 (B.A.) in 斯拉夫语研究 - The interdisciplinary major in 斯拉夫语研究 provides broadly-based training in scholarship about Russia and the nations of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. In addition to language and 文学 and linguistics, students can work in related areas such as 哲学, 神学, 经济学, 政治科学, 历史, education, 艺术历史, or film studies. The Department also supports a related interdisciplinary minor in East European Studies.


Study 俄罗斯 or 斯拉夫语研究 in the Department of Slavic and Eastern Languages & Literatures department, 还有近东语言和文明课程, and in East Asian Languages and Civilizations, 故选B.A. program in 语言学.

耶稣会义工团团员 富布赖特的 Graduate studies in 俄罗斯 Area Studies and 教育


The 社会学 department at 永利娱官网入口 has strong capa城市 in the field of Environ精神 社会学. 从社会学的角度研究环境问题意味着探索塑造永利娱官网入口与自然世界互动的社会动态. The 社会学 department features a number of courses meant to introduce students to this field and prepare them for upper-level coursework and independent thesis study on the topics of sustainable agri文化, 消费, environ精神 health, environ精神 justice, 和全球性问题.


社会学 for 健康 Care Professions
Deviance and Social Control
Technology and 文化
Inequality in America
Society and Environ精神 Transformations
Race, Class, and Gender
Doing Well and Doing Good


Fifth-Year B.A./M.A. 程序- Junior 社会学 majors may apply for a fifth year in which they can earn a Master of 艺术 in 社会学 degree.

Fifth-Year B.A./M.S.W. Program - Sophomore 社会学 majors may apply for a fifth year in which they can earn a Master’s degree in Social Work.

社会学 is the study of human 社会 relationships and institutions. 在永利娱官网入口, 社会学家对当今世界面临的许多最严峻的挑战进行了方法论上的复杂和理论上的研究, 使这里的社会学体验不仅严谨和有创意,而且与社会相关和参与. Our faculty and students have wide-ranging interests, but we have particularly strong concentrations of expertise in the areas of: Aging and the Life Course; Advanced Statistical 方法ology; Economic 社会学; Environ精神 社会学; Family and Carework; Gender; 全球 and Transnational 社会学; Political 社会学; Qualitative 方法s; Race; and 社会学 of Development

客户经理 Manager, 沟通s Assistant Marketing Manager 业务分析师 法学院的学生


The 艺术 Festival is a four-day celebration of the arts. 艺术俱乐部是学生组织的活动和在校园里的展览. 本科研究奖学金项目允许高级学生与教师密切合作,并协助他们的项目.


Issues and Approaches to 工作室艺术
Alternative Approaches to Drawing
Digital Diaries
Pandora's Box
Layered Image

In our increasingly image-laden society, 视觉智能和视觉素养是最重要的技能. 工作室项目解决了这一先决条件,并为学生提供了令人兴奋的, opportunities for creative exploration in painting, 画, 摄影, video, ceramics and digital media. After gaining a broad, hands-on grasp of the foundations of studio work, students then pursue their particular medium in depth. They are encouraged to connect their interests, 经验, and other fields of study with their studio practice. 工作室项目强调了将材料的熟练处理与对概念问题的理解联系起来的重要性, 以及在艺术历史背景下观看自己作品的能力. 它是关于手、眼、脑和心的协同工作.

Our studio faculty are professional artists who are fully engaged with their work. 他们代表了不同的观点,以及不同的艺术创作方法. 作为教师,他们将自己的专业知识和实践热情带到校园工作室. 工作室课程规模适中,与教授一对一交流是常态.

Founder and Creative 导演, Artiac Innovative Mosaic 驻馆艺术家,大都会艺术博物馆谷歌玻璃探索项目 Founder and 导演, Participant Inc Art Space Graduate studies in Art at University of Chicago, Yale School of Architecture, School of Visual 艺术, School of The Museum of Fine 艺术 at Tufts


永利娱官网入口 is home to a thriving 剧院 文化, 戏剧系和学生团体上演了许多作品. 罗舍姆戏剧艺术中心设有591个座位的主舞台, as well as the smaller black-box Bonn Studio, a flexible space that can seat up to 150. 学生有行动的机会, 设计, 阶段管理, 编写脚本, 利用技术, 或者每学年导演多达8部作品.


Acting, Meisner techniques
Dance for 音乐als
Makeup Design for the Stage
剧院 for Youth
Stage Design

The 剧院 Department offers a full spectrum of courses in 剧院 production and 性能 and an extensive selection of courses in 戏剧tic 文学 and 剧院 历史. 剧院 students will learn to analyze 戏剧tic texts, 戏剧性的事件, 还有实验性的戏剧形式. 学生 will also develop the ability to articulate the role of 剧院 in society through collaboration with others and participation in the various elements of 剧院 production. By the end of their studies, 学生将精通一个或多个戏剧学科, 包括代理, 导演, 设计, 剧本创作, 阶段管理, and technical production.

专业 Dancers & 演员 Associate Artistic 导演 Assistant, Boston Red Sox 美国银行金融专家 Graduate studies in Acting, 服装设计, 照明设计, 剧本创作, 音乐剧, 经济学, 和法律 资深制作人


永利娱官网入口 offers unusual resources for a Catholic and ecumenical study of all the areas of 神学. 神学院本身不仅是这个国家最重要的神学院之一, 但波士顿市是世界上研究神学最丰富的地方之一. The major in 神学 has proven to be excellent preparation for careers and professions requiring careful reasoning, 精读, 书面表达清晰, 做出道德决定的能力, 以及对文化的广泛理解. It provides a solid background for graduate study in the humanities and for such professional schools as medicine, 业务, 和法律. Many students now also elect 神学 as a second major or as minor to balance and broaden their education and to provide perspective on other disciplines in the natural or 社会 sciences and the humanities.


法律, 医学, and 道德
Buddhist 道德
Mystery of 神
神 and Science
Belief in Modernity
圣经 and Ecology


Bachelor of 艺术 (B.A.) in 神学 - The 神学 major currently offers two different curricular tracks:

The Standard 神学 major is relatively unstructured and flexible, easily tailored to various motivations and goals for theological study and adaptable to the diverse paths and timetables by which students come to the major. It offers a theological enrichment and complement to a student’s 永利娱官网入口 education and works well as a 2nd major.

The Honors 神学 major is 设计ed for 神学 as a 1st major, 特别适合对神学或相关领域有兴趣的学生. 既严谨又全面, 它提供了一个综合的学科介绍和一个广泛的基础的研究生学习. 它的综合分布要求在所有领域,它暴露学生的神学学科的整个广度. With more credit hours and an optional thesis, it allows students to focus on a particular sub-discipline in which to pursue and demonstrate scholarly excellence. As an Honors Program it fosters the kind of academic re认知 that facilitates admission to the next level of study.

Minor in 神学 - Like the standard 神学 major, 辅修神学是一个相对松散和灵活的学习计划, 为学生的永利娱官网入口教育提供神学上的丰富和补充.

Faith, Peace, and Justice Minor - This interdisciplinary minor offers students the opportunity to reflect theologically on the intersection of faith, 和平, 以及当代世界的正义.

Fifth Year B.A./M.A. 程序- Select juniors majors may apply for a fifth year to earn Master of 艺术 degree in 神学.

Drawing on an internationally recognized faculty, 神学专业允许学生在天主教传统中追求对基督教信仰的严谨和有纪律的理解, 与当代学科和其他信仰传统的对话.

神学 宗教研究 历史 of Religion 圣经 圣经 道德 道德神学 教会学 基督论 神 Contextual 神学 方法 诠释学 基督教的《澳门永利手机登录官网》 新约 Comparative 神学 世界宗教 犹太教 印度教 佛教 伊斯兰教 儒家思想
研究 Assistant, Brigham and Women’s Hospital 美国银行审计助理 德勤咨询公司的业务分析师 耶稣会义工团团员, Peace Corps Graduate studies in 神学, 田园部, 法律, International Human Rights, 希伯来圣经, 艺术历史, 和法律