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Just two days after the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, 15 永利娱官网入口 Ronald E. “麦克奈尔学者”是为了纪念第二届美国大学.S. African American astronaut—soared during their July 22 research symposium presentations, the conclusion of a year-long program designed to enhance their academic and research skills.

麦克奈尔大学毕业后成就项目, 由BC' Learning to Learn办公室管理, 准备低收入, first-generation and underrepresented minorities for academic degrees beyond the bachelor’s, 重点是获得博士学位.  除了每年的夏季研究, the program provides academic services that include GRE preparation, 研究生院申请过程的协助, 会议的参与, 和老师指导.  

Each of the McNair Scholars was paired with one or two BC faculty mentors based on their respective research topics, 哪些是在虚拟期间概述的, 15分钟的演讲. 

埃里克•迪林高产, 林奇教育与人类发展学院的教授, 22年指导林奇学校的学生黛博拉·安庞萨, whose project focused on WIC—the federally funded Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, 婴儿, and Children—participation and the early socioemotional development of children of color.

“The very talented and ambitious McNair Scholars took on research projects of practical and scientific significance that addressed timely and pressing questions with rigorous research methods,”迪林高产.  “他们也是一个非常合群的团体, 并对彼此的成功和发展进行了深度投资. 与他们杰出的研究项目并列, 学者们的问题, 知识的鼓励, 对彼此的赞美是鼓舞人心的.”

Chasneika Astacio

Learning to Learn Associate Director Chasneika Astacio oversees the 麦克奈尔学者项目. "We are beyond proud of the work and accomplishments of all our McNair scholars, 包括永利娱官网入口的校友."

“I had the amazing privilege to serve as a McNair co-mentor for (Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences) student Brittney Gedeon '22,生物学教授菲利普·兰德里根说, M.D., director of BC’s Program for 全球 Public Health and the Common Good. 他毕业于不列颠哥伦比亚大学,是加拿大-爱尔兰移民的孙子, serving as a McNair mentor was a wonderful and rewarding opportunity to both give back and give forward.  I had the privilege of building on this trans-generational experience, and to create opportunities for a new generation of BC students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are today's Eagles and America's future.” 

吉迪恩的项目, co-mentored by BC 全球 Observatory on Pollution and Health Data Analyst Samantha Fisher, focused on the impact of air pollution in Massachusetts on IQ and human health.

“这是一次很棒的经历, and I was really impressed by the exceptional quality of the presentations that I saw, 我的徒弟和其他徒弟,保罗·奇切罗说, 经济系的实践副教授, and a first-time mentor for Morrissey College student Natalie Almonacid '22, whose research explored the impact of governmental COVID-19 containment policy on economic growth.

“Natalie was phenomenal; she did an excellent job taking the initiative in bringing the research idea forward, 找到最好的数据, 并适应她所面临的技术挑战. She learned a new econometric technique and gained a much deeper understanding of the overall policy issues related to COVID. The McNair Scholars are clearly well prepared to build and present their own ideas as they move forward in their education and in their careers.”

BC大学法学教授肯特·格林菲尔德, 是谁在23年指导过卡罗尔管理学院的詹姆斯·科万, on a project related to 经历 of students of color that contributed to feelings of isolation, 疏离和/或冒名顶替综合症, 对项目参与者有类似的赞扬吗.

“这些年轻的学者令人印象深刻,”格林菲尔德说.  “他们有见地, 勤奋工作的, 准备, 和智能, 他们在传递自己的激情, 经历, and commitments into scholarly projects that will be instrumental not only in their own growth as thinkers but also in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding more broadly.”

“我太感动了,第一次当导师的科琳·西莫内利说, associate dean for undergraduate programs and clinical professor at the Connell School of Nursing, 的学员, 凯伦·阿尔达纳的23, 关注种族在产前护理经验中的作用. “这个项目在交流方面也是非凡的, 资源和目标导向的结果. It is so critical to continue to support these unbelievably talented students and encourage them to maximize their huge potential.”


Lynch School Associate Dean 茱莉亚DeVoy has served as a mentor in the 麦克奈尔学者项目 for 12 years.

“McNair has a really important mission and I'm grateful that BC has McNair programming on our campus,第一次当导师的劳伦·霍尼格说, 政治科学系的助理教授.  “I was very impressed with the important and interesting research questions proposed by the students in the research symposium. 我自己的学生, (莫里西学院学生)Aissata Diallo, 23年, 有一个迷人的研究议程, and I look forward to continuing to work with her on her projects and to learn from her research findings.” 

“12年前,我开始指导麦克奈尔学者, hoping I was going to be a part of shaping prosocial leaders for tomorrow and transferring professional knowledge and research skills to the next generations,茱莉亚·德沃伊说, associate dean of undergraduate programs and students at the Lynch School. 她的学员, 22年的科比·胡塔多,卡罗尔学校的, studied the role of college support programs in shaping students of color at predominantly white institutions.  

“当我继续与BC mcnair合作时, I quickly discovered that I was gaining as much—if not more—than I was giving,”DeVoy补充说. “I consistently gained new perspectives and topic insights from my research scholar mentees.”

“We are beyond proud of the work and accomplishments of all our McNair scholars, 包括永利娱官网入口的校友,Chasneika Astacio说, 麦克奈尔学者计划的副主任. “This year and a half was filled with many unknowns but our students continued to thrive. Thanks to all faculty mentors, program collaborators, and Learning to Learn staff.  Without you our students will not be as prepared as they are to tackle BC and their graduate education dreams."

To learn more about the 麦克奈尔学者项目, visit the Learning to Learn website.

Phil Gloudemans |大学传播| 2021年8月